Six Awesome Benefits of Goat Milk to keep our elderly healthy

Benefits of goat milk in Old age

There is a natural decline in the bodily functions as a person ages, which slows down the body’s ability of nutrient intake and absorption. With old age crops up numerous obstacles that comes in the way of wholesome nutrition. As you read on you will come across how goat milk can be a complete solution to the various challenges endured by the body of an elderly person.

Powerhouse of nutrients

After the age of 60 senior citizens start losing their bone strength and muscle power. Goat milk is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has adequate amount of calcium and vitamins which help in maintaining the bone strength. Goat milk consumption helps in softening of bones and prevents fracture due to its mineral metabolism.

 Easily digestible

As a person gets old there is a reduction in absorption of food proteins. The milk lipid in goat milk is such that the globules are significantly smaller than in cow milk which makes the goat milk easily digestible. They have both a smaller diameter and the size distribution of globules has a larger proportion of smaller particles than in cow milk. Thus the goat milk protein is completely digested before it reaches the large intestine which prevents constipation.

Prevents dehydration

Growing old decreases sensitivity to thirst as the regulators responsible for thirst are not effective which may result in dehydration. Goat Milk is nearly 90% water which helps keep the body hydrated and may be tastier to the older lot instead of water or juice.

Matures food texture

Many old people may find it difficult to chew food because of missing or loose teeth and a decrease in saliva production. A glass of goat milk and products like cheese can easily be chewed and combined with other foods like nutritious salad to make it softer and tastier.

Boon for the lactose intolerant

Goat milk has a very low lactose content, which makes it a great option for those elderly people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Gastrointestinal Tract Friendly

Aging causes the body to release less amount of stomach acid. Goat milk has apt bacterium and microbes which help the food go down the gastrointestinal tract preventing constipation and other stomach diseases.

Goat milk and Goat cheese, butter or yogurt is soft and tasty. These can be mixed with flavored or ready to use food like cookies or bread so that they get nutritious and tasty food.  


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