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Goat Cheese fresh from courtyard farms chevre
Goat Cheese  in Delhi
Chevre Classic (Fresh Goat Cheese) 200g
Chevre Classic (Fresh Goat Cheese) 200g - Courtyard Farms Goat Milk benefits

Chevre Classic (Fresh Goat Cheese) 200g

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Great consideration is taken in preparing our Chevre from fresh and free-range goat milk to maintain the right semisoft consistency, moisture, and earthy flavoring. Chevre pairs well as a mid-day snack as a dip or a post-meal dessert cheese.

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  • Hi...can I get these products in Mumbai?

    Hi, Yes we do supply to Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai and other metro cities in India.

  • Is it processed?

    No- this is not processed cheese. This is fresh cheese without any preservatives.