Case Studies

Perspective role of goat milk and products: A review

International Journal of Chemical Studies, Case Study by Kavita Banjare, Manikant Kumar, Rajnikant Kumar, S Kartikyen, BK Goel and Sudhir Uprit


The popularity of goat milk is increasing day by day due to its nutritional properties and lower allergenic in comparison to cow milk. In a recent study, PERSPECTIVE ROLE OF GOAT MILK AND PRODUCTS, it's reported that goat milk differs from cow milk in higher digestibility, low-fat content and has high medicinal value. Goat Milk as a functional food is increasingly becoming popular because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. It can be used as therapy against different problems. 


International Journal of Chemical Studies

Quality and Utility of Goat Milk with Special Reference to India: An Overview

 U.K. Pal, P.K. Mandal, V.K. Rao and C.D. Das, 2011. Quality and Utility of Goat Milk with Special Reference to India: An Overview. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 5: 56-63

India having the second largest goat population and some of the great milch breeds like Jamunapari, Beetal, Surti, Barbari is the highest producer of goat milk in the world. In spite of good efforts in dairy development, the organized sector processes only about 15% of total milk produced in the country. No such data is available exclusively for goat mil

The Pharma Journal- A review on health promoting aspects of goat milk

Study by Vaquil and Rekha Rathee, Department of Livestock Products Technology, College of Veterinary Sciences,  Hisar, Haryana, India (A review on health promoting  aspects of Goat Milk)

 Goat Milk has superior digestibility, the composition of fatty acids and its content of bio active compounds seem to provide properties suitable for treatment or preventing certain medical conditions. Refer to study given in below link for more reence

Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences- Goat Milk Composition and its Nutritive Value

 Review on Goat Milk Composition and its Nutritive Value by Getaneh G, Mebrat A, Wubie A and Kendie H, University of Gondar, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Unit of Biomedical Science, Ethiopia

Goat milk is called as NEROGA(without ailments) by natives who are engaged in Goat rearing across India. Whenever you discuss about this milk, you get to hear multiple benefits and examples of other elderly who have lived long and healthy life because of their habit of having  Goat Milk.