Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences- Goat Milk Composition and its Nutritive Value

Goat Milk and its Nutritive Value


Review on Goat Milk Composition and its Nutritive Value by Getaneh G, Mebrat A, Wubie A and Kendie H, University of Gondar, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Unit of Biomedical Science, Ethiopia

Goat milk is called as NEROGA(without ailments) by natives who are engaged in Goat rearing across India. Whenever you discuss about this milk, you get to hear multiple benefits and examples of other elderly who have lived long and healthy life because of their habit of having  Goat Milk. The experience of villagers  got authenticated by Research many a times. Important nutrients that are found in goat milk are fat, protein, lactose, vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts. Basis the research paper published by the 'Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences' this milk contains 25% more vitamin B6, 47% more vitamin A and 13% more calcium than cow’s milk.