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Goat Milk Feta (200g)
Goat Milk Feta (200g)
Goat Milk Feta (200g) - Courtyard Farms Goat Milk benefits
Goat Milk Feta (200g)
Goat Milk Feta (200g)

Goat Milk Feta (200g)

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Fresh, Creamy and Soft Feta Cheese made from free-range goat milk

Our newest and cherished addition is the creamy and soft feta cheese that melts in your mouth. This traditionally prepared feta from free-range goat milk is aged to perfection and its slightly tangy taste makes it excellent eaten as is or sprinkled over salads or your own new concoction.


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  • How long is the expiry after opening the container?

    We are 100% preservative-free. Feta is good for upto 3 months from packaging.

  • Is it casein free

    Yes, it has goat milk casein in it. This is much healtheir and a2 as well.