Goat milk a BOON - Include it in your diet

advantages of goat milk

Modern research and various experiments have not only proved goat milk as a healthy drink but have proved the positive effect of milk from goats on human body. One of the most recommended health drink that has supported patients suffering from deadly dengue, or acted as a life support for parents with food sensitiveness children , allergic patients – the benefits are overwhelming and hence at courtyard farm we provide you various ways to not only order the goat milk but as well subscribe to get regular benefit.

It is essential to include a drink which is so enriching not only  for growing children but is a “boon” for those who complain of “sensitive tummy digestive issues” or those who loves milk but abstain due to lactose intolerance.

Unfortunately many of us don’t know the benefits it unlocks for human body hence never give it a try. Honestlywe are told by our clients they were initially not aware of how and where to order goat milk from? There are innumerable products in the market which boasts of building immunity in the body, however it is imperative to understand that Goat milk is very beneficiary for patients of general immunity deficiency, arthritis, cardiac patients and growing children – this newest find goat milk , has proven on many occasion as  the “best” option for all the above situation.

What is the right time to consume goat milk? 

Well milk from goats can be consumed anytime of the day. You can start your day with a warm glass of goat milk and even end your day with it, since having a glass of Goat milk before sleep calms your mind and gives good sleep. There is no restriction of consumption however it is advisable not to include sour fruits with Goat milk. Consider it as a food item and enjoy in a way that suits you well.

Benefits of goat milk is many 

The study of Naturopath usually refers goats as a bioorganic –sodium-animal and are suppose to provide vitality, endurance and an excellent element for supporting joint health . Patients suffering from nervous disorders find goat milk as a “boon” since it nourishes and rejuvenates the fervor system naturally.

Goat milk contain almost 19.9% of the daily requirement of riboflavin, it provides phosphorous, protein and is an excellent source of potassium.

Due to these, consumption of Goat milk benefits a person as it does not cause any inflammation, allergies or digestive issues it easily assimilates in the human body and also in infants. Goat milk benefits a newly born since it contains a chemical composition which is almost closer to breast milk and hence paeditercianrecommends Goat milk over cow milk.

For centuries, goat milk is used medicinally by the nomadic people as it is quite closer to human mother’s milk and better than cow’s milk.

In short - milk of goat serves as an energy source, acts as a solvent for fat soluble vitamins and provides essential healthy fatty acids. Goat milk contains only minimal fat which is mainly composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega fats.

Milk of Goat contains fewer small fatty acids compared to cow’s milk. The swelling slow up proteins, and hypoallergenic property, in adding to its smaller size antibodies makes it the ideal choice and hence a boon for mankind.