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Courtyard Farms - Goat Milk

Make the Right Choice - Switch to Goat Milk!

As we progress through society and our busy lives me must take it upon ourselves to be informed and cautious of the products we associate with. Especially with regards to food and drinks that we consume, as they affect our health and future wellbeing. Often than not we tend to take our health for granted...
Goat milk a BOON - Include it in your diet

Goat milk a BOON - Include it in your diet

Goat Milk serves as an energy source, acts as a solvent for fat soluble vitamins and provides essential healthy fatty acids. Goat milk contains only minimal fat which is mainly composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega fats.
Benefits of goat milk in Old age

Six Awesome Benefits of Goat Milk to keep our elderly healthy

There is a natural decline in the bodily functions as a person ages, which slows down the body’s ability of nutrient intake and absorption. With old age crops up numerous obstacles that comes in the way of wholesome nutrition.