Goat Milk as Workout Nutrition

Goat Milk -a must post workout

Mainly workout nutrition is classified into threecategory based on absorption ability and the nutritional requirement of the body during different workout phases - pre, post and intra-workout.


While milk is a natural product containing much of the protein, carbohydrates, and fat required to provide the body with energy during a workout, many people find it difficult to digest prior or during exercise as consumption of milk directly prior to a powerful workout session can cause stomach upset. The size of the fat globules in goat’s milk is much smaller than those found in cow’s milk due to which it provides quick and timely energy. As per studies most of the people who are lactose intolerance can also easily digest and depend upon goat milk for the source of protein.


After a workout, your muscles need carbohydrates and protein to repair and the sooner you can refuel your muscles the faster they will recover. Goat’s Milk provides the carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamins that your muscles need in a very convenient and hydrating form which is ideal for consuming immediately after exercise. Goat cheese or yogurt can be added to the diet for a healthy body.

Milk – the classic muscle builder

Milk has long been used by those trying to build muscle mass as an effective source of protein. Research revealed that consuming goat milk after exercise produced significantly better muscle gain and fat loss results compared to carbohydrate-based sports drinks.



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