Goat Milk Ghee-are you up to this?

Courtyard Farms- pure Goat Milk Ghee

Goat Milk Ghee traces its roots to the ancient history of Ayurveda, where it was viewed as more than a food substance. Ayurveda considered Goat Milk Ghee as a scared, medicinal, cleansing and nourishing food. Ghee, the clarified butter, which is beautiful golden yellow substance, is extracted from the milk of various animals. Goat Milk Ghee obtained from the butter made out of Goat Milk, which is considered the best fit for human consumption as it has diversified levels of nutrients that add immense value to well-being.

  • Goat milk ghee is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A. The Vitamin A in goat milk ghee not only usable by the body but also contains the fatty acid, which is required for absorption.
  • Along with fatty acids, goat milk ghee contains lower proportions of insoluble volatile fatty acids which make goat milk ghee highly antimicrobial, which prevents the body from infections and other related diseases.
  • Goat Milk Ghee has the high level of retention capabilities, which safeguards the body from iron and magnesium deficiencies.
  • Goat milk ghee is the powerhouse of energy. It has minerals such as zinc, calcium, copper, potassium and magnesium in ample amount. These minerals add immense value to the skin health, make all sensory organs more efficient, lubricate the connective tissue and promote flexibility.

Ghee has a pure or sattvic energy, which thought to have a harmonious and peaceful nature. Full of diversified nutrients, Goat Milk Ghee should have a place on our palate. With the myriad of benefits to offer, it is just the addition we need to make in our daily consumption. 



  • Mahendra raval on

    Goat ghee is very effective on arthiaties knee pain by making massage also so many deceases can cure but it is very difficult to get pur and easy to purchase by cost also.

  • Ravindranath Shenoy on

    Please let me know where this product is available?

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