Goat Milk – Early Recovery & Cure for Dengue

Goat Milk Early Recovery & Cure for Dengue

After the scorching heat, monsoon brings the much-needed respite, but they also bring a wide range of monsoon-related diseases. One of them is the most dreaded Dengue. It still doesn't have any vaccination or outlined treatment, making it a pretty deadly malady. However, as the research are still on in coming up with possible vaccination, some supportive treatment for the disease has been identified. One of the supporting remedies that help in recovery from Dengue faster is Goat milk. A research paper published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences stated that goat milk and its allied products have proved to be immensely beneficial in curing and recovery from Dengue faster.

 In recent years, the benefits of goat milk are being discussed and how it helps fight and cure patients suffering from Dengue. As a result, the prices of goat milk have increased, and the searches for goat milk online and goat milk near me have increased. 

 Goat Milk for early recovery:

 Goat milk helps in recovery from Dengue in several ways. Some of them are:

       1. Presence of Selenium

One of the major deficiencies caused due to Dengue is the reduction in platelet count and deficiency in Selenium. As per the research, goat milk contains nearly 27% more Selenium than cow's milk. Selenium is essential for the body because it helps in the functioning of the immune system properly. It also works as a critical nutrient in countering the Dengue virus' development. Thereby eventually helps in the recovery of the Dengue patient.

        2. Helps In Maintaining Higher Platelet 

Goat milk also proves to be beneficial for those patients who require to maintain higher platelet count and maintain body fluid when suffering from Dengue. Although platelet transfusion is not possible in many cases, goat milk can work wonders in such an instance.

        3. Good Iron content

Goat milk also has a good percentage of iron. Hence it helps in recovery after Dengue. Often the disease causes ferropenic nutritional anemia, and goat milk helps with increasing the iron deposition in the organs.

        4. Aides With Digestion and Metabolism 

The digestive system is getting weak, reducing the body's metabolic capacity, thus the system's failure to absorb minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous during Dengue. Goat milk contains all these elements and helps in boosting the metabolic system naturally. Therefore, by aiding the absorption of these elements and the metabolic system, goat milk helps in faster recovery when a person is suffering from Dengue. Also, the smaller-sized casein micelles present in goat milk make it easily digestible.

         5. Keeps the Body Hydrated 

According to experts drinking goat milk helps in keeping the body hydrated, and also, the higher content of vitamin C in the product compared to cow's milk is good when treating Dengue. It is also believed that goat milk is as good as some exotic fruits in its vitamin C content.

         6. Boosts The Immune System

Since people tend to have lower immunity when suffering from Dengue, milk consumption helps because it has immunoglobulins. This helps in developing an adaptive immune response that also helps in fighting the inflammation that is caused due to Dengue. Goat milk also has an antimicrobial effect since it has elements like lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, etc. This prevents the body from being affected negatively by harmful organisms that can develop during Dengue. 

Fight Off Dengue with Goat Milk!

Apart from these medical researches, ancient Ayurveda also advocated goat milk consumption during and after Dengue for quick recovery.  So are you willing to try goat milk as a preventive for Dengue? Do let us know in the comment section.