Goat Milk Yogurt Benefits for Babies in India

Goat Milk Yogurt

Have you ever thought of different milk varieties available? Like, which one should I consume? Or, which one is suitable for your little munchkin. If yes or may be no as well. We thought. That is why we thought of telling you more about Goat Milk. Usually, the most common milk type recommended for toddlers is cow milk. 

However, if your toddler faces health concerns through Cow Milk, Goat Milk can be considered a safe option after discussing it with the pediatrician. One of the simple and major facts to consider is digestibility. However, if we talk about a baby consuming any milk apart from human milk. Then, it is surely recommended to once discuss the health concern with the pediatrician only. But, once your baby is more than 12 years old, different goat milk forms can be given.  Moreover, goat milk is a rich source for calcium and protein. 

A Thorough Nutritional Comparison of Goat’s Milk & Cow’s Milk for a Toddler:

Protein and Fat - The pure form of Goat Milk has a little more fat and protein than Cow’s Milk. Goat Milk has more Vitamin A, Copper, Calcium, and Potassium. We can say Goat Milk is ranked high in minerals and vitamins. Cow milk and goat milk can be considered nutritional as cow milk has high folate and vitamin B12. On the other hand, Goat Milk has Vitamin A and Potassium. 

Lactose - Another debate in terms of nutrition between Cow Milk and Goat Milk is Lactose. Many people find it difficult to digest Lactose. Plant milk, such as soy, hemp, and almond Milk, is available. Comparing Lactose to cow milk, goat milk has less Lactose.


Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Goat Milk for a Baby:

Goat Milk is full of benefits. But, it is necessary to understand the health benefits of Goat Milk. 


  1. Almost Similar pH to Breast Milk - Both breast and goat milk are alkaline. Various experts have proven that the pH level in Goat Milk is the same as that of Breast Milk. Hence, with the consumption of Goat Milk, chances are there for any gastrointestinal infection. 
  1. Improved Bioavailability of Iron - Almost more than 50% of iron is available in Goat Milk, which easily gets absorbed by the infant's body, compared to Cow Milk, which is 13%. This indicates that a baby gets more iron per milliliter. 
  1. More Anti-inflammatory Properties - Various studies state that anti-inflammatory properties are available in goat milk. This further helps in nurturing the intestine's bacteria. Consumption of goat milk by an infant helps strengthen the immune system and prevents gastrointestinal diseases such as colitis. 
  1. Improved Bone Health of Anemic Babies - Different studies show that the intake of Goat Milk mineral loss in babies started improving. If your Baby is anemic, Goat Milk can be considered a popular choice. 
  1. Easy to Digest - Comparing the Protein in goat milk and cow milk, we found that the Protein in goat milk was less dense. The fat in Goat Milk gets easily broken due to the composition of short-chain fatty acids. Goat Milk has omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, and Protein, which contribute to fulfilling the Baby's nutritional requirements. 

Can I Use  Goat Milk Yogurt for Babies?

Yes. Yogurts are full-fat and enriched with nutrients. Important nutrients in yogurt include Vitamin A, Calcium, B Vitamins, Potassium, and Zinc. Moreover, yogurts are a rich source of fats, carbohydrates, and Protein. In the early years, babies require fat to support the development of the brain, metabolism, nervous system, gut, immune, and cell structure. Once the Milk is turned into yogurt, the probiotic cultures are essential for the Baby's health. If the Baby is under 12 months, honey should be avoided in yogurt.


Can I Give Plant-Based Yogurts to My Baby?

Baby should be given a plant-based yogurt with either no or low sugar content. It should be fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium. However, which plant-based yogurt you should give depends on your preference. Various animal-based yogurts contain Fat, Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Protein. But plant-based yogurts don't have essential nutrients. 

Can you Suggest the Best Yogurt for my Baby?

Pasteurized full-fat plain yogurt is an ideal choice for a baby. You can consider Greek yogurt if you are about to start solids for your Baby. You can try different yogurts with different nutritional values and tastes. At the start, you can give us Goat Milk Yogurt for babies. 


Can I Give Raw Milk Yogurt to My Baby?

No, you can't give Baby raw milk yogurt. It affects the Baby's immune system as it is still developing. Moreover, raw milk yogurt harbors pathogenic bacteria. It has potential contaminants that are more likely to increase the chances of food illness.


Can I Give Pasteurized Milk Yogurt to My Baby?

Yes, you can opt for pasteurized  Goat Milk Yogurt for babies. During pasteurization, Milk is heated to a certain temperature to kill bacteria, which is more likely to increase foodborne illness. During pasteurization, bacteria get killed, which makes food safer to eat. In yogurt, the Milk is pasteurized before the occurrence of probiotic cultures in making yogurt. So, you can buy goat milk yogurt for your Baby. 


Where Can I buy goat milk yogurt?

You can buy goat milk yogurt online from Courtyard Farms. Our goat milk yogurt includes vitamins, Probiotics, and Mineral richness. They are lactose-friendly & easy to digest. We have taken care of the quality to make a healthy alternative available to cow's Milk. The goat milk yogurt is creamy in texture. It can be used to make different recipes. While making goat milk yogurt, we have also taken care of eco-friendly practices. 

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Courtyard Farms Goat Milk Yogurt for Babies is safe, if your Baby is not allergic to cow's Milk. If a baby is allergic to cow's Milk, then the Baby might also be allergic to goat milk. Goat Milk Yogurt Benefits are similar to Goat Milk, including easy-to-digest, lactose-friendly, high protein availability, and many other nutrients. The purchasing power of goat milk yogurt to give Baby all the essential nutrients, is a premium dairy range product. However, health benefits should be available to everyone. The Courtyard Farms has subscription plans available. Opting for subscriptions, health benefits can be availed easily. Remember to try 100% Authentic & Natural Goat Milk Yogurt available in sustainable packaging. Because we share the same love for babies & Mother Nature.