Why Courtyard Farms For Premium Dairy?

Why Courtyard Farms For Premium Dairy? - Courtyard Farms

Courtyard Farms offers farm-fresh Goat Milk products to consumers inspired by health and the goodness of nature. These 100% natural and delectable products will take you down the memory lane of traditions. We focus on appreciating the richness of rural life from the comfort of metropolitan surroundings. 



Our vision started a few years ago with the goal of educating people about the benefits of the rural way of life and eating customs. The necessity to promote the natural gems of rural lifestyle to the urban people, who constantly desired such items but could not obtain them, was only resolved when we realized the impact of fortified western products on the market. Our mission strives to offer farm-fresh products like goat milk and cheese from free-range goats, a doctor-recommended alternative to common milk. Keeping with the heritage and beliefs deeply rooted in agricultural pursuits. Our motto is Think Healthy, Think Goat Milk.



Being a part of and contributing to urbanism caused us to see and confront the difficulty in accessing healthier options, and as a result, we have taken on the whole Farm to Table process.   

  • Goats and Grazing- Our goat dairy farm is around the Aravalli hills in Alwar, Rajasthan. Our goats produce sufficient milk for supply to our customers across the regional milking periods.  


  • Milking process- The milking process is done hygienically through traditional methods. Our milk is hormone-free, all-natural, and free of any synthetic ingredients, including preservatives. GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) are absent from all Courtyard Farms products.  


  • Chilling and Handling- Our fresh goat milk is cooled at the farm before being delivered to our production and packaging area in a hygienic, chilled state. The product is better quality and is better protected. As a result, it stays fresh for long.  


  • Testing and quality control- We have strong laws and regulations to ensure that our products are of the most outstanding quality and are independently evaluated at various stages.  


  • Packaging -We package our fresh goat milk in sterile glass bottles and use a portion of the milk to make yoghurt, goat cheese, feta, cajeta, and other nutritious foods. Our products are delivered to customers across India using a refrigerated supply chain.


  • Delivery- The products are securely cold delivered to the customer's doorsteps by our delivery executives.



Courtyard Farms deals in various 100% natural dairy products such as Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Paneer, Greek Yogurt, Marinated feta dressings, Feta, and Cajeta. All our products are rich in flavour and 100% chemical or preservative free.  

Courtyard Farms is an all-natural, fresh, free-range goat milk and related product provider in Delhi- NCR. Visit the website or WhatsApp us t +91 9971383039 to start your daily milk and other products subscription. Download our app for easy order management and subscriptions.