Understanding Goat Milk Prices in Delhi: What You Need to Know

Understanding Goat Milk Prices in Delhi: What You Need to Know

The goat population is on the rise, exceeding 1 billion. These goats are primarily bred for their milk, a product that is gaining significant traction. While cow milk has long been the go-to dairy product, goat milk is now stepping into the spotlight, offering unique nutritional benefits.

Suppose we talk about why goat milk is now increasing in demand. Then, let’s compare it with mother’s milk. For ages, the mother’s milk has been considered the purest form of milk. However, if a mother cannot breastfeed the newborn, she can feed goat milk to the infant. So we can understand the nutritional benefits goat milk can provide.

Consuming goat milk provides the human body with essential nutrients such as iron, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. It also contains caprylic, capric, and caproic, which have been found to have beneficial effects on the kidneys, heart, leucorrhea, and gallbladder in women. Goat milk consumption has been linked to improvements in blood pressure regulation, nervous system health, and heart function.

Many lifestyle diseases can be managed by consuming goat milk. If someone is lactose-intolerant, goat milk can be used instead of cow milk.  Goat milk increases the count of blood platelets, produces magnesium, and aids digestion.

With so many benefits of goat milk, it is quite expensive compared to cow milk. If we talk about the numbers, almost 96% of Americans have goat milk in their refrigerators. The goat milk price in Delhi is around Rs 350 for half a liter. On the other hand, the cow milk price is Rs 32. The difference of Rs 318 depicts goat milk. It is more like a beverage with amazing health benefits.

Looking at the vast difference, you might get into the dilemma of why goat milk is more like an overly priced beverage when checking goat milk price in Delhi. So, let’s come across the factors influencing the prices of goat milk in Delhi: 

  • Minor Dairy Animal - Goats fall under the category of minor dairy animals. There is no doubt that goat milk has been identified to be full of health benefits. The major countries producing goat milk are India, Pakistan, France, Bangladesh and Sudan. We pinpoint the maximum goat milk-producing Indian states in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. However, the major factor is fewer milk-making goats compared to India’s overall goat population. 
  • Population of Milkmaking Goats - For the past many years, the milk productivity of goats has been static. Per day per goat produces 0.46 kg. While on the other hand, the population of goat dairy is declining. 
  • Nutritional Value - One cup of   goat milk has 168 calories, which is calorically denser than cow milk, which has 149 calories. The protein in goat milk is 9 grams, and only 8 grams are in cow milk. The sugar value is lower in goat milk than in cow milk. The carbohydrate content is lower than that of cow milk. Overall, goat milk is the winner as it has all the necessary minerals and vitamins, which is clearly explained in the table below.


Goat Milk

Cow Milk


327 mg 

276 mg


34.2 mg 

24.4 mg


271 mg

205 mg


498 mg

322 mg 

  • Easy to Digest - Some people have reported difficulty digesting cow milk. At the same time, they find goat milk easy to digest. The reason is that goat milk has a lower lactose content. Goat milk has smaller fat droplets, which is why it is easy to digest. 

Medical Properties of Goat Milk

  1. Goat milk has more small fat globules than cow milk. That is why goat milk is easy to digest. 
  2. Goat milk is rich in high amounts of NPN, a source of potassium, Vitamin A, and amino acids.
  3. Children below 3 years of age are more likely to be allergic to cow milk. 
  4. The treatment of malabsorption syndrome is possible with goat milk. 
  5. Goat milk has anticancer properties on the skin, mammary gland cancer cells, and skin.
  6. Using goat milk can be considered a dietary supplement for treating allergies and inflammatory conditions. 
  7. Goat milk is known to be good for its biological reactions and antioxidants. 
  8.   goat milk comes with a lot of healing diseases. By consumption of goat milk, the count of platelets starts improving during various viral diseases and dengue. 
  9. The cholesterol levels can be improved in the gallbladder and arteries by consuming goat milk. 

Long-term Saving on Health Expenses with Consumption of Goat Milk 

By investing in goat milk price Delhi and consuming goat milk, your body can consume various nutrients that will provide health benefits for the long term:

Heart Health with Goat Milk


Goat milk has antioxidants inhibiting LDL, i.e., low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also called bad cholesterol. Goat milk has MCT, i.e., medium chain triglyceride; MUFA, i.e., monosaturated fatty acids; and PUFA, i.e., polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is proven beneficial for heart diseases. Moreover, it contains low cholesterol levels and fatty acids in balance. To prevent a majority of heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and atherosclerosis, all these compounds help in the prevention.

Boost Immunity

Selenium is a key nutrient that helps the immune system function properly. The selenium nutrient is available less in cow milk and high quantities in goat milk. Various studies have shown that goat milk has immunomodulatory effects in humans and animals. Hence, it can be considered as an immunity booster.

Anticancer Properties

The goat milk has a high level of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The CLA mechanism inhibits cancer growth cells. Cancer patients may benefit as it has antioxidant effects along with fermented goat milk benefits. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor as cancer is a severe medical condition.

Goat Milk for Bone

 Goats are known as bio-  sodium animals. Bio-  sodium element is used to maintain joint movement. Regular consumption of a goat milk cup provides 33% of daily calcium and 20% of vitamin B2. At the same time, it has a high amount of potassium, vitamin B12, and phosphorus.

For Sugar Levels

The kefir made from goat milk can reduce glucose levels, improve pancreatic β cells, exhibit anti-diabetic effects, and decrease glucose levels. Hence, diabetes is a severe medical condition requiring proper treatment by a doctor.  

    If you start including goat milk price Delhi in your daily food ordering list, it will surely result in low medical expenses due to its various amazing health benefits. 

    Future Trends in Goat Milk Pricing

    It is predicted that the market of goat milk products may reach a 4.9% CAGR by 2033. The studies indicate it will touch US$ 21.07 billion in 2033.  The approaches to make India the world’s largest producer of   goat milk. 

    1. Nutritional & Feeding - To lactate, goat feed should have a minimum of 3-4% fat to promote milk fat synthesis. At lactation, high-content protein is needed to synthesize microbial protein. For the synthesis of milk, dairy goats need higher dry matter for ready-to-use available nutrients. 
    2. Breed Improvement - There are almost 39 goat breeds, and the choice of milk-producing goat breeds needs to be made to improve milk production. At the same time, good goat milk production breeds are Beetal, Surti, Jhakrana, and Jamunapari. To make improvements in the production of milk, meat, and fiber of Indian goat breeds, the AICRP, i.e., the All India Coordinated Research Project to work on the improvement of goats was started in 4th five-year plan by making the crossbreeding of native breeds with high-yielding breeds.
    3. Dairy Cooperatives - To boost the goat milk sector, there is a need to kickstart goat milk collection from various milk cooperative societies at the village level. This will further hype the farmers’ interest in getting into goat milk production. 

    In the end, it can be concluded that   goat milk provides nutritional support. Technological and scientific research in management, nutrition, breeding, and disease control should take place for economic benefits. Various supportive mechanisms for the producers of goat milk should be introduced. Lastly, different policies and rules should be introduced to improve the raising of goats. If you are looking for fresh goat milk at the price in India, then you can get 1 liter of Rs 590 at Courtyard Farms