A Guide to Immunity Boosting Food

A Guide to Immunity Boosting Food - Courtyard Farms

A pandemic and three lockdowns have made us aware and more conscious about our health than ever. Daily, we are exposed to many factors that take a toll on our body, like microbes, pollution, stress, etc. We must keep our health in check and build our immunity to stay fit by having a properly balanced diet, a healthy and active lifestyle, enough water, and adequate sleep. Various popular food items such as green vegetables, fruits, seeds etc. are known to provide several essential nutrients to the body. But today we talk about a lesser discussed food item with tremendous health benefits – Goat milk.  

In this blog, we will read about various factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and health benefits of consuming goat milk and goat milk products. 

What factors contribute to improved immunity?

  • Exercise/ Stay Active- It has been proven that exercise and other physical activities help one stay active and fit. Even simple chores such as gardening, walking, or simply moving more and sitting less during the day help improve the immune system. 

  • Improve Your Diet- Eating nutrients rich food as part of a varied diet is required for overall health. Therefore, a diet containing probiotic food such as kefir, yogurt with live active cultures, and fermented vegetables is beneficial. 

  • Manage Stress- Stress reduction has been linked to a healthier immune system. Cheerfulness and a good mindset can help. In order for this to work, a person must make a conscious effort to remain cheerful. "Encourage positive ideas and good deeds " for healthy and mindful living. 

  • Improve Sleep- Sleep not only refreshes you but also aids in preventing illnesses and improves cognitive function, such as memory retention. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of fat gain and make it more challenging to cope with stress. A good quality, deep, and restorative sleep is crucial for the body and mind’s well-being. Sleep disruptions resulting from a variety of physical and cognitive obstacles deprive the body of sleep's restorative power and the tremendous support it provides to the immune system. 

How Courtyard Farms can help you keep your immunity strong? 

    Inspired by the health and goodness of nature, Courtyard Farms offer a wide range of fresh Goat milk and related products. These products are 100 % natural and contain no chemicals or preservatives. Goat milk has innumerable benefits and is a healthier substitute for cow milk. One such benefit that Goat milk products offer is boosting your immunity. 

    Goat milk contains considerable amounts of selenium. This uncommon mineral is necessary for the immune system to operate properly, protecting us from disease and infections. The main reason goat milk and related dairy products are such a good choice for everyone is that they are excellent immune system boosters. Drinking goat milk during the summers or winters, when individuals are dealing with a lot of health difficulties, and the weather plays a significant role in their lives, can be pretty helpful since it contains a lot of selenium!   

    Here’s a list of some of the chemicals and preservatives free immunity-boosting products from Courtyard farms to include in your diet- 


    • Fresh Goat Milk 
    • Goat Milk Yogurt 
    • Goat Milk Paneer 
    • Goat Milk Ghee 
    • Goat Milk Butter 
    • Goat Milk Fresh Cream 


    • Goat Milk Kefir 
    • Goat Milk Mishti Doi 
    • Greek Yogurt (Goat Milk) 


    • Goat Milk Feta 
    • Goat Cheese- Classic 
    • Goat Cheese with Fresh Dill and Herbs 
    • Goat Cheese with Fresh Chives 

    Our most valuable asset is our health, and we must take the necessary steps to maintain and improve it. Switch to goat milk from your regular cow milk and you may just discover a healthier way of life. 

    Courtyard Farms is an all-natural, farm-fresh, free-range goat milk and associated Goat milk dairy products provider in India. We offer next day milk and dairy delivery across Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, and 2-5 day delivery across India. Visit our website or WhatsApp us at +91 9971383039 to start your daily milk subscription and access free delivery of goat milk at your doorstep.