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Goat Milk Fresh Cream

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We all have been consuming fresh cream made of cow's milk for generations. It's time to give the goats a chance. Courtyard Farm's fresh cream is made with farm-free, free-range Goat Milk making it way creamier, lighter, and thicker than traditional creams. We prepare our cream in small batches using traditional old-age techniques keeping freeness and texture intact.

Use it in sauces or with fresh fruits, and for all your baking needs! Experience the benefits of Goat Milk with fresh cream

Why Courtyard Farms fresh cream a change. Here's why?

  1. It's made with farm-fresh, free-range Goat Milk. Check out the link for benefits.
  1. Light on the stomach and easy to digest.
  2. Low lactose content. Suitable for people with low lactose tolerance.
  3. Good source of calcium and vitamin Bs.
  4. Low in fat and carbohydrates.

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