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Easier to Digest

Goat milk is easier to digest as it contains short and medium chain fatty acid. (Source)

Strengthen Immune System

Selenium is a trace mineral present in the Goat milk that also helps in counteracting diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya. (Source)

Balance the Body’s pH level

Have rich amount of Amino Acid. (Source)

Enhance the overall skin health

Thanks to the combination of Vitamin A and Lactic Acid. (Source)

Digestible Lactose

Lower in Lactose or milk sugar, that works well for lactose intolerance. (Source)


Less in Alpha s1 Casein. Casin is a protein which is allergenic in nature and thus it has less amount which prevents allergies. (Source)

Boost Metabolism

Contains minerals like Iron and Copper that helps in countering digestion and absorption limitations. (Source)

Develops Brain and Learning

Sialic Acid- Help to keep you alert and focused. (Source)

Apart from above mentioned proven benefits, traditionally goat milk is considered highly beneficial for overall wellness and closest milk to human milk. (Click here for full Case Study)