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Goat butter is nothing but butter which is made up of goat milk. It is easier to obtain as goats take up smaller space and are much easier to manage. The expense of care taking and fodder is also less. Many of us haven’t really tried using goat butter and are also not aware of its benefits over traditional cow butter.


Reduces Inflammation

This helps people having stomach ulcers or other forms of ulcer and also gives relief against ulcer symptoms. Goat butter reduces inflammation and swelling inside the body, which cow butter doesn’t do. Goat butter soothes the entire GI tract by reducing inflammation and also by coating the mucous layer as the fat particles is tiny as compared to cow butter.

Improves Metabolism

Goat butter is known to improve metabolism. Metabolism is nothing but a process which burns the fat and reduces fat accumulation. If the body has good metabolic rate what you eat will not get stored as fat cells. Therefore a good metabolism is very important. Goat butter has this property over cow butter which might get accumulated in the fat cells.running

Best For Small Babies

The constituents present in goat milk are lot similar to human breast milk. This is because the chemical make-up of goat milk including proteins and amino acids and other things as well are pretty similar to human milk. Because of this benefit goat butter is easily digested and accepted by the body as compared to cow butter.

Easy To Digest

Goat butter is easy to digest due to its lower fat globules. Also, goat butter is light for the body as its particles are smaller and tiny as compared to cow butter. As a result it is easily digested and you don’t feel heavy and drowsy after its consumptionLess Calories

Two spoon of goat butter has only 75 calories. This range is very less compared to other butters. Goat butter contains low cholesterol naturally. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the fat deposition while consuming goat butter.

Less Fat Content

Goat butter has less saturated fat content (unhealthy fat) as compared to cow butter. Thus it is easy to digest and is lighter for the body. Goat butter also doesn’t spoil your lipid profile.

Non Toxic To Body

These days it has become a mandate of injecting the cows with hormone so that they produce more milk. Thus the cow butter which is marketed is obviously more toxic. Goat butter is comparatively less toxic and more organic as use of chemicals and hormones is not done with the goats. Also goat milk has high percentage of small chain fatty acids thus it is easily digested. This property also helps the lactose intolerant population. Overall you can say that goat butter is light and easy for the body to handle.

Excellent Source Of Calcium 

Goat milk has high calcium content than cow milk and therefore goat butter is also a good calcium source. Therefore consumption of goat butter on a regular basis makes your bones and teeth strong.

Excellent Source Of Iron

Goat butter is a good source of iron. This helps in improving your overall hemoglobin levels and increases the oxygen reach in the body.


Cow butter is rich in fats and is heavy therefore it increases the production of thick mucus. This increases allergies especially of the respiratory tract in some people who are more susceptible. Goat butter in fact reduces mucus levels and thus is an anti-allergic agent; especially benefiting your gut.

Rich Source Of Other Nutrition

Goat butter has lot of nutrients and the percentage of these nutrients is high compared to cow butter. The nutrients present are riboflavin, vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium etc. It is also a good source of protein. Thus goat butter is a powerhouse of energy.

Builds Your Immune System

Eating goat butter makes your body’s host defense system strong by strengthening your immune system. This eventually protects the body against infections and diseases.

Less Lactose Content

Unlike other butter, goat butter is less lactose content. Thus, very the chances of lactose intolerance is less.


Goat butter is easy to melt and hence it is light to your palate as well. Due to its numerous health benefits goat butter availability is a must in every kitchen.

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