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Having Goat Milk as Workout Nutrition


Mainly workout nutrition is classified into three category based on absorption ability and the nutritional requirement of the body during different workout phases - pre, post and intra-workout. Pre/intra-workout- While milk is a natural product containing much of the protein, carbohydrates, and fat required to provide the body with energy during a workout, many people find it difficult to digest prior or during exercise as consumption of milk directly prior to a powerful workout sessi... Read More

Goat milk a BOON - Include it in your diet


Modern research and various experiments have not only proved goat milk as a healthy drink but have proved the positive effect of milk from goats on human body. One of the most recommended health drink that has supported patients suffering from deadly dengue, or acted as a life support for parents with food sensitiveness children , allergic patients – the benefits are overwhelming and hence at courtyard farm we provide you various ways to not only order the goat milk but as well subscrib... Read More

Six Awesome Benefits of Goat Milk to keep our elderly healthy


There is a natural decline in the bodily functions as a person ages, which slows down the body’s ability of nutrient intake and absorption. With old age crops up numerous obstacles that comes in the way of wholesome nutrition. As you read on you will come across how goat milk can be a complete solution to the various challenges endured by the body of an elderly person. Powerhouse of nutrients After the age of 60 senior citizens start losing their bone strength and muscle power. ... Read More

Go organic- Try goat milk for that flawless and healthy skin!


Who doesn’t crave for beautiful, glowing and youthful skin? We try so many different products to get that flawless skin but are often left bitterly disappointed. Not many people are aware of the magical effects that goat milk has on one’s skin. Read on and you will wonder why this skincare ingredient has been missing from your beauty regime for all these days. Cleanses the skin gently from within Pure goat milk has a lactic acid constituent that is known to play a major ro... Read More

Goat Milk : Having proven benefits for quick recovery in Dengue


While the fast approaching monsoons are a much needed respite from the scorching heat, they also bring along with them a plethora of monsoon related maladies. The most dreaded among these ailments is Dengue, which affects 50 to 100 million annually. What makes this illness even more deadlier is the absence of a vaccination or any outlined treatment.  In the past few years, a couple of supporting treatments have clearly been identified, which have worked effectively in treating Dengue. Th... Read More

Goat milk- The solution to all your digestion woes!


Are you suffering from indigestion, a bloated stomach, irritable bowel syndrome or acid reflux? If you find yourself nodding in the affirmative for even one of the above mentioned symptoms, then it’s probably time to vary your dairy and try goat’s milk. Why goat milk you may wonder? But when you read about the plethora of benefits it has to offer, you will find yourself wondering why not? Goat milk has been found to be 1. GI Friendly The gastrointestinal tract (GI) include... Read More

Switching to Goat Milk- A healthy decision!


As human beings we are all attracted towards the congenial things of life. As a result we often end up procrastinating things that could actually be beneficial for us. Taking our health for granted is a prime example of this. We often wait for something untowardly to happen before we actually make serious changes in our life. But why wait for such things to happen? Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it’s your health at stake. And when prevention involves just a m... Read More

A Perfect Food as Possible in Nature


Goat milk is as close to a perfect food as possible in nature. Its chemical structure is amazingly similar to mother's milk. It is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids without the heavy fat content and catarrh producing materials of cow's milk. If you have been around farms, you would notice goats are much more flexible and limber than cows. They can climb and do things that are beautiful to watch. I have seen goats get on the roofs of barns and houses and ... Read More

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